Wrestler Bully Ray Apologizes For Anti-Gay Rant

Wrestler Apologizes Anti-Gay Remarks

Professional wrestler Bully Ray has apologized for his anti-gay rant at a recent event.

The controversial remarks quickly made the rounds after video of the exchange was uploaded online. The wrestler directed the offensive rant at a fan in the crowd during a recent taping of Impact Wrestling.

“You invented f**s, you f**!” Bully Ray screamed at the fan. “I’m punking you in front of your hometown. You frickin’ q****! You shave your frickin’ chest.”

TNA president Dixie Carter recently addressed the situation on Twitter. Carter explained the organization wouldn’t stand for Bully Ray’s anti-gay comments.

“Heard [Bully Ray] made inappropriate comments to a fan in Chicago. This will not be tolerated. Sincere apologies on behalf of TNA,” Carter wrote.

In an effort to make peace with those he offended, the wrestler issued an apology on Twitter.

“Had a very positive talk with the man I got into a verbal altercation with in Chicago,” Bully Ray wrote. “I personally apologized for my careless choice of words and my ignorance with regard to certain slurs I used.”

The wrestler previously issued a statement on the micro-blogging site on March 13. This was reportedly before he personally apologized to the fan he screamed at.

“Made an inappropriate comment to a fan in Chicago. If anyone was offended by this… I do apologize. No harm was meant,” he wrote.

Video of the altercation has been embedded below. The incident takes place at around the six-minute mark. Since the audio is a little hard to decipher, a transcription of the exchange has been provided. Keep in mind that the video contains offensive language.

Bully Ray said:

“Sit down, f*****. Yeah… What are you gonna do? You ain’t gonna do a damn thing. You got punked in your own frickin’ town. I’m punkin’ you out in front of I’m gonna say your daughter. You got punked! You invented f**s, you f**. You should’ve did something already, you should’ve did something already, but you ain’t doing nothing’. I’m punking you in front of your hometown. You frickin’ q****. You shave your frickin’ chest”

Are you a fan of Bully Ray? What do you think about the anti-gay remarks the wrestler made towards a fan in Chicago?

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]