WWE News: Current NXT Superstar Still Guarantees He Will End Brock Lesnar’s Career

There are some matches that many fans dream of seeing, but they may never actually take place in WWE. For a long time now, Matt Riddle has lobbied on social media for a match against Brock Lesnar, and he’s even been overly confident that he’d win. Despite an interaction between the two at this past Sunday’s Royal Rumble, it will likely never happen, but that hasn’t stopped the NXT star from believing he will end the WWE Champion’s career.

Even before signing with WWE, Riddle took shots at Lesnar for his careers in both wrestling and MMA. Riddle has never truly believed that the “Beast Incarnate” was worthy of representing either sport and doesn’t feel he belongs in them.

With Riddle in NXT and Lesnar representing the Raw brand, a match between the two is unlikely anytime soon. However, the two superstars reportedly crossed paths at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view last weekend, with Lesnar telling Riddle that they will never face each other in the ring, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

That has only added to his reported backstage heat — which purportedly led to a quick exit from the battle royal — but he still has his sights set on the former UFC heavyweight champion.

As a matter of fact, the WWE Performance Center’s YouTube account released a video detailing Riddle and Keith Lee’s journey to the Royal Rumble. It is in that video that the “King of Bros” has some very strong words for one of the most dominant forces to ever step into a WWE ring.

In the video, Riddle is interviewed after he was eliminated from the men’s Royal Rumble match on Sunday. He talks about how he wants to get his hands on Brock Lesnar, adding that he doesn’t care if “The Beast” wants it or not because it’s going to take place.

“I don’t like being told, ‘no’, especially when I work as hard as I do. Trust me. I guarantee you. I guarantee you. I get my hands on him, and I make that match happen, and I take his career. I promise. I promise.”

That’s not the first time that Riddle has bragged about wanting to end Lesnar’s career, but now, he’s saying it in WWE. If this bout were to ever happen, a lot of things would have to transpire, with things all coming together for a big event. With Riddle allegedly dealing with backstage heat on a frequent basis, it’s unlikely that WWE will ever give him much of what he wants.

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