‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Wednesday: Chelsea Overhears Adam’s Secret

Melissa Claire Egan as Chelsea on 'The Young and the Restless.'

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday, January 29 shows Billy (Jason Thompson) throwing in the towel and leaving Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Plus, Sharon (Sharon Case) shocks Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) with girl talk, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) run into each other, and Adam (Mark Grossman) updates Chance (Donny Boaz).

Chelsea worried about Connor’s (Judah Mackey) new babysitter, but Adam reassured her that Connor loved the sitter. The two went out for a date at Society. During their meal, Adam mentioned making Paris their second home base and Chelsea was intrigued. Adam stepped away for a call, at which point Nick came in and spoke to Chelsea. He told her that he wanted her to be happy, but he questioned whether Adam could provide that. Chelsea reminded her ex that he set her free at Christmas to be with Adam. She mentioned Paris and Nick thought it was an excellent idea. Adam walked up and made sure everything was okay, then Chelsea left. He and Nick sparred a bit. Nick suggested Adam should worry about what would make Chelsea happy instead of worrying about him.

Back at their penthouse, Adam talked to Chelsea about her conversation with Nick. Adam mentioned they could be living in Paris by Valentine’s Day, but Chelsea felt that was too quick. They decided to make a list of pros and cons. Later, Adam called Chance, letting him know that their guy finally heard from “her.” Chelsea overheard the call.

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Meanwhile, Sharon found herself overwhelmed with cancer research. She texted Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) that she had to get out of the house. She went to The Grand Phoenix bar and ran into Phyllis. Phyllis tried to draw Sharon into an argument, but she shocked Phyllis by being kind. Phyllis then mentioned her date with Chance and Sharon asked if it was their first. Phyllis wondered who Sharon even was anymore since she wanted to do girl talk out of the blue. Later, Nick showed up and Phyllis asked him why Sharon had been so kind, generous, and sincere. Phyllis noted she was freaked out by the other woman’s niceness. Nick took Sharon home. Once there, Rey held Sharon after she admitted how tough it was to research cancer.

Victoria visited the Ranch and told Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) all about Billy’s recent behavior and his friendship with Amanda (Mishael Morgan). Victoria admitted that Billy wanted her to give him the benefit of the doubt like she gives Victor (Eric Braeden). Nikki didn’t appreciate Billy acting like Victoria gives Victor a pass. Meanwhile, Billy went to the dive bar and stared at his and Amanda’s empty table. He texted Amanda to stop by, but she replied she was sorry.

Victoria and Billy argued about the situation at home again. Billy accused her of not accepting him for who he is and she said that he was exhibiting signs that he was addicted to gambling and taking risks. For Victoria, all the signs of big trouble for Billy were there, but he said he’s tired of needing to be fixed. Ultimately, Billy packed his bags and left, promising to always be there for their kids.

Finally, at the Ranch, Victor and Nikki talked about Billy and Victoria. Victor expressed his outrage at Billy’s behavior and said he knows something about Amanda. An investigator told Victor that Amanda is involved with Billy.