Bombshell Fitness Trainer Lisa Lanceford Demonstrates Lower Body Stretches In Sports Bra And Tight Leggings

Lisa Lanceford demonstrated some lower body stretches in a new series of videos shared to her Instagram page this week.

The routine was uploaded on Tuesday per the request of the bombshell fitness trainer’s 1.7 million followers on the platform. Her update included a total of six separate videos, each showing Lisa in the middle of a large, secluded gym and performing one of the steps in the stretching circuit. She wore a black sports bra and tight, black-and-gray camouflage leggings for the sweat session, as well as a pair of bright white sneakers.

The British trainer kicked off her workout with 60 seconds of the sitting glute stretch, which she performed on top of a pink exercise mat. She then flipped over into a push-up position to stretch her calves by crossing one leg behind the other and holding it for a minute.

The next part of Lisa’s routine was a lying glute stretch. For this exercise, the Instagram sensation lay down on her mat and crossed one leg over the top of the other, which was stretched out in front of her. After this was a classic sitting hamstring stretch that saw the gym-honed babe sitting on the mat with one leg in front of her while bending the other knee and positioning the sole of her foot against the opposite thigh. She then bent at the waist and extended her arms toward her foot, a position she held for a total of 60 seconds.

Lisa was back on her feet to demonstrate a quad stretch. Using a bar for balance, the trainer stood on one leg while bending the other at the knee and grasping her ankle. The final step of the routine was a standing hamstring stretch.

Since going live to her Instagram page yesterday, the videos have attracted over 18,000 comments from Lisa’s massive following. Dozens flocked to the comments section of the upload as well, where many expressed their gratitude for the workout demonstration.

“Much needed! Thank you!!” one person wrote.

“I always forget to stretch so this is really helpful,” said another social media user.

“Definitely going to implement this into my routine!” commented a third fan.

“This is by far the most helpful video on Instagram, thank you so much,” was a fourth comment.

While Lisa has her own fitness program that fans can participate in, she often takes to her Instagram account to share exercises and stretches with her followers as well. Another recent addition to her page included a variety of equipment-free core exercises for them to try and certainly proved popular, as the update was awarded over 30,000 likes.

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