Holly Madison Drops Baby Weight In Just Two Weeks

Holly Madison dropped her baby weight in just two weeks. The former Playboy centerfold appeared on the red carped on March 22 looking almost like she never even had a baby.

Madison appeared on the red carpet for a Las Vegas charity gala wearing a beautiful blue dress with a belt that accentuated her small waist. The dress was similar to a maternity one she wore just a few weeks ago.

The model revealed recently that she gained about 40 pounds while she was pregnant with baby Rainbow Aurora.

But she admitted to In Touch magazine that the planned to be back at her normal 110 pounds as quickly as possible. And while she may believe she has a long way to go, it appeared on Friday that Holly Madison dropped most, if not all, of her baby weight already.

Madison can likely attribute the quick weight loss to the gym, which she brought home. She explained, “We’re putting a gym in our house. So I’ll be doing yoga, Pilates, and cardio.” Holly gave birth on March 5 and has been in the limelight ever since. Along with talking about baby weight, the model has also shot back at critics for talking bad about her new daughter’s name — Rainbow Aurora Rotella.

Holly Madison is also known for having insured her breasts for $1 million. Along with critics of her baby’s name, Holly Madison has also been criticized for wanting to lose her baby weight quickly.

Some have said that the model would likely be better off if she followed the advice of fellow reality television star Kourtney Kardashian. Kardashian lost 44 pounds after her latest pregnancy, but she did so over a period of six months. She added that it was an improved method of losing weight after trying to get rid of the pounds quickly with her first baby.

Along with using her home gym to shed baby weight, Holly Madison has been focusing on eating healthy. She also revealed, “My baby nurse said it would help me recover faster and get back on my feet.” Included in her diet is vegetable stew, coconut yogurt, and green smoothies. Tea is apparently also on the list.

Do you think Holly Madison has dropped all her baby weight too quickly, or is it good to get rid of the weight as soon as possible?

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