‘Race The Sun’: Like ‘Tiny Wings’ Meets ‘Star Fox’

'Race the Sun' announced at PAX East

Race the Sun has been called “Tiny Wings meets Star Fox.”

At PAX East, Flippity Games announced Race the Sun, a game that got its funding through Kickstarter. In the game, you race an earthbound aircraft over terrain as you dodge obstacles, much like an endless runner title. The objective is the stay ahead of the sun. Sounds simple enough.

As you go, the visuals get more complex and the obstacles get more interesting, and after you grab a power-up to let you “jump,” you can start hopping over what comes up before you. Simple, but addictive, like most puzzle and endless runner games.

Race the Sun will be released for PC, Mac, the mobile platforms, and Linux after enjoying its run on the browsers.

The level editor Flippity Games showed Chris Carter of Destructoid had some really impressive tools, like building objects that have certain rules attached to them. One of those tools was a corkscrew road that builds itself as you approach it. There were also cubes and giant buildings that tumbled as you went by, much like Inception, or that airplane scene from 2012.

For now, Race the Sun is heading to Steam Greenlight, but eventually it is planned for all computer-based and mobile platforms, along with its level editor. We can hope that the level editor is much more intuitive than that of previous attempts, like the ones usually included in Tony Hawk’s skating games.

Other games that might take cues from Race the Sun would be a Riddick title that simulates Chronicles of Riddick‘s scene with the same theme, racing the sun to avoid getting burned alive. Or perhaps the next Tomb Raider might use the idea, say in an African jungle trying to escape a stampede.

There are so many possibilities other games can adapt this title for.

What do you think of Race the Sun?