Jessa Duggar’s Husband, Ben Seewald, Explains Why Many Evangelicals He Knows Voted For Donald Trump

Jessa Duggar’s husband, Ben Seewald, shared some insight on why evangelicals in his social circle voted for Donald Trump.

Ben and his famous in-laws never discuss their political views on their TLC series Counting On, but they occasionally sound off about them on social media. On Thursday, the 24-year-old aspiring pastor took to Twitter to offer an explanation for why so many members of the religious right voted for President Trump, whom Ben described as a man of “immoral character.”

Ben was responding to a screenshot of two pages from author Ben Howe’s book, The Immoral Majority: Why Evangelicals Chose Political Power Over Christian Values. In the excerpt, Howe reasoned that many conservative Christians are so unwavering in their support of Trump because they view him as “God’s vessel.” He suggested that they’re willing to overlook behavior that they would otherwise find objectionable because they believe that God is using Trump as a tool to fulfill his divine plan.

However, according to Ben, many of the evangelicals he has spoken to shared a different reason for their Trump votes. He revealed that they reluctantly voted for the Republican candidate because they felt that Hillary Clinton was “so pro-death.” This was seemingly in reference to the Democratic candidate being pro-choice.

The Twitter user who shared the screenshot responded to Ben by deeming this reasoning “rubbish.” Ben said that he agreed, and he revealed that he actually voted for a third-party candidate in the 2016 presidential election.

“But my point is simply that many I know have serious concerns about Trump’s character/etc. but still voted for him,” Ben wrote.

“They weren’t enthusiastic supporters. It was more damage control in their minds.”

Ben didn’t reveal whether the Trump supporters that he referenced included any of his famous in-laws. However, Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, has said that he voted for Donald Trump in 2016, even though he didn’t condone the businessman’s personal behavior. In a message that he shared on his Twitter page, Derick didn’t cite Trump’s views on abortion specifically as a reason that the voted for the current president. Instead, he wrote that he simply agreed with “more of his policies than Clinton’s.”

A few of Ben’s in-laws have actually shown that they might be enthusiastic Trump supporters, not the reluctant voters that he described in his tweets. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, 17-year-old Justin Duggar used a lawnmower to write “Trump 2020” on his family’s lawn. The massive lawn art was shown on the Twitter page of one of the Duggar family’s local news stations in Arkansas, and Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, later celebrated the attention it was getting in one of her Instagram stories.

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