WWE News: Superstar Responds To Allegations Of Supporting Ku Klux Klan

As documented by WrestleTalk, WWE’s Seth Rollins recently sparked an online outcry after sharing a picture of some witches on one of his social media accounts. According to the Monday Night Raw superstar, he was trying to help a friend out by promoting his business. However, the witches in the photo are wearing hoods that are similar to the attire worn by the Ku Klux Klan — a racist hate group — and some people interpreted it as such.

Rollins took to Twitter over the weekend to address all allegations of racism against him, though, revealing that he has no time for racism.

“It was witches….for a creepy coffee thing I’m helping a friend with. My apologies if anyone was confused. F the KKK. F racism.”

The company in question is called The Boy and the Bear Coffee, and it’s clear that Rollins was supporting his friend’s brand with the original social media post. However, even though some fans reportedly accused the superstar of advocating for white supremacy by sharing the photo, more of his followers came to his defense.

“Seth Rollins was one of the first white athletes to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ publicly. Y’all know damn well that wasn’t the KKK he posted,” wrote one user.

Another noted how “wrestling fans like to blow stuff out of proportion.”

Elsewhere, one of his followers told him that he didn’t have to clarify his position as the image obviously wasn’t in any way related to the Ku Klux Klan. However, he thanked Rollins for clearing up any confusion that may have arisen from the situation.

As noted by The Undefeated, Rollins has been vocal about his stance against racism. In 2016, he urged his social media followers to watch Ava DuVernay’s 13th documentary, which explores America’s history of racism. In the same tweet, he also shared his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

WWE will also be grateful to Rollins for dismissing the allegations and clearing up any misunderstandings with his fans. The last thing the company needs at the moment is another race-related PR scandal after all.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lars Sullivan’s past of making bigoted comments on internet forums resurfaced recently, after it was revealed that he reportedly starred in an adult film. Of course, Hulk Hogan was also caught on camera using racial slurs a few years ago, and his return to WWE was a controversial decision on the management’s part.

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