Kaley Cuoco’s Husband Karl Cook Shows Off Their Pit Bull Blueberry’s Impressive Hiding Skills In Cute Video

Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco‘s husband, equestrian Karl Cook, and the couple’s pet blue nose pit bull, Blueberry, played a game of hide-and-seek. However, Blueberry didn’t look like she was very happy about Karl discovering her cozy hiding place.

On Friday, Karl took to Instagram to share a video of his quick search for Blueberry. He was standing in the doorway of a small bedroom with gray decor. There was a plush gray rug covering most of the hardwood floor, and the curtains over the windows were the same dark color. Most of the bedding was also gray, save for one large white throw pillow propped up in the center of the bed. The padded headboard was a dark charcoal color, and there were two slate gray nightstands on both sides of the bed.

The bed was made and looked untouched. However, as Karl approached it with his camera in hand, it became clear that the bed was occupied by his sneaky pet — Blueberry was sitting behind the white pillow.

At first glance, the dog was easy to miss. A small sliver of her head and ear were all that could be seen at the beginning of Karl’s video, and her dark fur almost blended in with her surroundings. When Karl revealed Blueberry’s hiding place, she didn’t move a muscle. She kept her nose buried in the pillows as she looked up at Karl without lifting her head.

“Hi, Blue. Are you hiding?” Karl said to his motionless pet pooch. “You’re hiding very successfully. Yeah.”

As Karl backed away from the bed, Blueberry still didn’t move. In the caption of his post, Karl joked that she was “lying in wait to attack at any moment.”

Karl’s Instagram followers were impressed by Blueberry’s ability to hide from him, even though he ultimately found her.

“I couldn’t even see that sweet face at first. Awesome,” read one response to his video.

One of Karl’s followers commended his canine companion for making sure that she didn’t disturb the sheets when she jumped up on the bed to get behind her pillow wall.

“Not even any tracks on the bed! Good job Blue,” the fan wrote.

“When your dog and bed sheets match you have a great game of hide and seek!!” another commenter remarked.

“I love how you match your sheets to your animals,” read a fourth response to Karl’s cute video.

Kaley hasn’t yet joined Blueberry’s fan club in the comments section of her husband’s post. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently returned home to Los Angeles after wrapping filming on her new HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant, in Rome. Kaley hasn’t shared any photos of herself and Karl together since her return, but the proud wife and dog mom did take to Instagram to post a photo of her “very cute” husband and Blueberry posing together on the cover of Sidelines magazine.