'RHOD' Star LeeAnne Locken And Her Wedding Planner Respond To Brandi Redmond Playing 'The Victim'

Brandi Redmond, of The Real Housewives of Dallas, recently checked out of a wellness center after entering the facility for some self-reflection. The reality star came under heavy fire when a racially insensitive video resurfaced where she appeared to mock Asian people. Brandi allegedly made the video to poke fun at herself for having slanty eyes, but that is not how the clip was received by the public.

The video was shared a few years after it was made, in defense of fellow RHOD star LeeAnne Locken. LeeAnne was targeted during the RHOD Season 4 reunion for making derogatory comments about her Mexican co-star, Kary Brittingham, and had been labeled "racist" by some of her co-stars.

LeeAnne's wedding planner, Steve Kemble, who appeared on Season 4, was behind the resurfacing of the video as he shared it to Twitter. He and LeeAnne have since been frustrated with Brandi after she left the wellness center and accused her of playing "the victim," and for not taking responsibility for making the video in the first place. LeeAnne has also been accused of leaking the video, which has proven to be false thanks to a tweet from Steve, but she is still sticking up for herself on Instagram.

"I absolutely had NOTHING to do with that and [I'm] tired of getting blamed for a video I had no part in making!" LeeAnne said in anger in an Instagram comments section.

Steve then took to Twitter to bash Brandi for calling out Kameron Westcott in a recent apology post. Brandi said she would no longer be Kameron's victim but later edited her post to take out her co-star.

"She has no reason to call out Kam! I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for posting the video calling out her HYPOCRISY! She needs to demand a FULL REFUND from that 'Wellness Center' if all she got from it was to play the Victim Card!" Steve tweeted.

While LeeAnne has since stayed silent on the matter, Steve continues to tweet about the RHOD cast, specifically Brandi and D'Andra Simmons. On Friday, a Twitter user slammed Brandi for making a mockery of mental health issues, which the former cheerleader has cited after her video resurfaced. Steve showed support for the user, while also retweeting a fan who suggested D'Andra be fired from the show for bringing nothing to the table.

The fate of The Real Housewives of Dallas is currently up in the air. Many viewers have been calling for the firing of both Brandi and LeeAnne for their racial comments, while others have been hoping for an entire re-casting. Bravo has not made any comments about the future of the show at this time.