‘Breakfast At Tiffanys’ Cat Fired From Broadway Show For ‘Unruly’ Behavior

Cat fired from Broadway

Emilia Clarke has lost herself a co-star. Montie the cat has been fired from the Broadway show Breakfast at Tiffanys because he’s reportedly a bit of a diva. And a not-so-good actor, at that.

Montie’s job was to understudy the true feline star of the show, a cat named “Vito Vincent.” Vincent is top-bill for the role of Holly Golightly’s pet in the Broadway rendition of Truman Capote’s novella. The New York Post reports that Vincent is already diva enough, what with current negotiations (through his owner) with producers to get a car and driver every night.

In Breakfast at Tiffanys, two such diva kittys are apparently more than producers can handle.

An insider said that Montie has been fired from the show for his “unruly” behavior, and inability to act like a normal cat.

“Poor Montie’s been dismissed, and they’re scrambling to have his head shot and bio replaced in the Playbill,” said the source. It gets better. The show’s producers even sounded off on the issue. “We will not comment on specific requests, [but] the producers have made every effort to treat Vito like the star that he is. The production is saddened by Montie’s dismissal and wishes him well.”

Montie will reportedly be replaced by a cat named “Moo.”

Several outlets have noted the strange tone surrounding the dismissal of Montie the “unruly” cat from Breakfast at Tiffanys. The website Gawker wrote a pretty hilarious tongue-in-cheek article about it, noting that Montie’s only job is to “act like a cat. Sit on a stack of suitcases. Run offstage. Don’t quack at anyone,” and even then, only when Vincent is otherwise unable to perform.

What do you think? Do the Breakfast at Tiffanys producers take their cats a little too seriously?