Kate Middleton And Prince William Reportedly ‘Couldn’t Be Happier’ Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Left

While it seems as though some members of the royal family were dismayed to learn that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were stepping back from their royal duties, a palace insider says that Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t part of that group. Radar Online reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are purportedly glad that the two are taking baby Archie and heading out.

“It is a big sense of relief for Kate since she never knew what she was getting with Meghan,” the insider told Radar.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced earlier this month that they wanted to take a step back from their royal duties to focus on becoming financially independent and on their own charitable causes. Shortly after, Queen Elizabeth II called on Harry, William, and Prince Charles to have a meeting to discuss and come up with a plan for what is being dubbed as “Megxit.”

The group reportedly reached a solution that worked for the siblings and their father, but the palace source says that William and Kate “couldn’t be happier with Harry and Meghan’s decision.”

Harry, William, Kate, and Meghan were once referred to as the Fab Four, but as cracks allegedly began to appear in their relationship, many claimed that they weren’t as close as people had hoped. Reports have leaked for years saying that Meghan and Kate didn’t get along and that the American actress had even made Kate cry before her wedding.

While William and Kate have reportedly vowed to keep things civil in public, the above report stressed that they’re not so sad to see Meghan, in particular, leaving.

“They do not like Meghan,” a source told Radar. “They are celebrating for sure.”

“It seems like Meghan just hated Kate and no matter what she did, tried to be nice, Meghan wasn’t going to be nice back,” another source added.

Last week, as The Inquisitr reported, Harry and William reportedly have been talking in secret to try and mend fences between them. Apparently, the brothers came to the realization that it would be much more difficult to repair their relationship if Harry is living across the ocean. The two wives are apparently on board with the two finding common ground, though there’s no word if they want to fix any rift on their end.

William and Harry haven’t been so quick to mend their relationship with their father, however. Reports indicate that they’re still battling.

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