Blake Shelton Shares Gwen Stefani Relationship Milestone On Instagram

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Blake Shelton shared a milestone marker of his relationship with former No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani on Instagram, posting an image that featured a major moment in the couple’s professional lives.

Blake uploaded an image taken of a display for the music video for “Nobody But You,” the couple’s second song collaboration. The clip was prominently displayed, overlooking Times Square in New York, where thousands of passersby could view it. The video made its official debut on January 21.

In the Instagram post, which has been liked over 43,000 times and counting, Blake tagged CMT (Country Music Television) who put the video into rotation, as seen directly above the Viacom office building and the crossroads of the world, where millions of people gathered less than one month ago to ring in a new decade.

Directly behind the massive screen, in the distance, eagle-eyed viewers can see the top of One Times Square where the huge Waterford crystal-encrusted ball and the oversize numerical display of the year 2020 is prominently featured. These items will remain overlooking the area, which houses restaurants, businesses, hotels and Broadway theaters for the remainder of the year.

In the video clip seen on the big screen, Blake and Gwen are seated across from one another at a table, sharing two beverages and a plate of french fries at a diner.

Blake has teased snippets of the clip on his social media account over the past week.

On January 15, the singer and senior coach on The Voice previewed a lyric video for the tune, where he and Gwen, his girlfriend of four years, performed a tender duet where they declared their feelings of love for one another.

Over the next week and culminating in his January 21 post, Blake shared different clips from the video, showing the couple singing to one another, snuggling together on a sofa with Betty the dog, and sharing some snacks.

Fans were excited to learn that the video had made its official debut and shared their feelings with Blake in the comments section of his Instagram account.

“Best ever!!! So happy y’all did this duet! Y’all are perfect,” remarked one fan of the couple and the song.

“Ahhh I have been anxiously waiting for this video and I can happily say it is better than I anticipated!” said a second fan of Blake and Gwen’s.

“Definitely one of the best songs I’ve heard. Just love it. I play it all the time lol,” stated a third fan of the tune.