Lindsay Lohan Avoids Charges In NYC Nightclub Brawl

Lindsay Lohan wins again. The former A-list star will not face charges for her part in a recent New York City nightclub brawl.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office informed law enforcement officials on Friday that it would not pursue charges against Lohan. The D.A.’s office says witnesses were failing to cooperate, which meant evidence was too weak to move forward.

Lohan was facing possible charges after she was arrested in November 2012 for allegedly punching a female partier inside NYC hotspot Club Avenue.

When investigators attempted to speak with onlookers, they were denied access to their testimony.

The NYC District Attorney’s office also notes that the alleged victim tripped and fell on the pavement when being escorted out of the nightclub by police. Because of the victim’s fall on the night of the fight, attorneys could not determine the cause of her injuries beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Manhattan D.A. is not commenting on the Lindsay Lohan case at this time.

If you are currently keeping count, Lindsay Lohan has skated by on several DUI’s, a jewelry theft at a jewelry store, and a personal property theft at a Hollywood party. Those illegal activities are joined by various other problems that have been surrounding Lohan’s life over the last several years.

Lindsay Lohan is currently on probation and charges followed by a conviction could have revoked that probation and sent Lindsay Lohan to jail. Her problems could stem from an alcohol problem that several sources claim include up to two liters of vodka per day.

Lohan is either the luckiest troubled girl in Hollywood, or she’s just waiting for karma to catch up with her.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan needs to spend some time behind bars so she can straighten herself out?

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