Kaley Cuoco Rocks Her Flight Attendant Uniform While Napping At The Airport In Rome

Jon KopaloffGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco bid farewell to Rome with a set of photos that were fittingly shot at the airport.

On Monday, The Big Bang Theory star took to Instagram to share the snapshots with her 5.8 million followers. The images provided a good look at the vibrant flight attendant uniform that Kaley’s character, Cassie, wears in the upcoming HBO Max series The Flight Attendant.

Kaley was pictured rocking a dark blue pencil skirt that hit her right above the knee. It was paired with a loose-fitting blouse that was a slightly lighter shade of cobalt blue. Over the top, the actress was rocking a matching fitted blazer. Kaley completed her outfit with a pair of black pantyhose. She wasn’t wearing any shoes, but a pair of slide-on silver sandals were visible on the floor in front of her.

Kaley’s beauty look included a matte pink lip and sapphire eyeliner that matched her ensemble. She was wearing her blond hair pulled back. She was pictured lying down, and a few escaped locks of hair were spread out above her head.

Kaley was using a big quilted coat as a pillow, and she appeared to be fast asleep. The location of her nap was the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino airport in Rome, where she was curled up on the terminal’s unusual plush red seating structure. One of her Instagram followers dubbed the massive lounge installation a “giant red Gumby.”

Kaley’s first photo was snapped from far back, which provided a full view of her flight attendant uniform and her surroundings. Her second picture was a closeup shot. It revealed that she had a pair of earbuds in her ears, and she was curled up next to her phone.

Kaley’s photos have been liked over 86,000 times as of this writing.

“Got to love a beautiful flight attendant!” read one response to her post.

“Aww! well at least she got her nap in,” another fan wrote.

“I’m a flight attendant and can’t wait to watch the show!” a third admirer remarked.

One of Kaley’s fans also referenced the “Soft Kitty” song that she occasionally sang on The Big Bang Theory.

“And now lullaby: warm kitty, soft kitty,” the commenter wrote.

Kaley previously revealed that Monday was her last day of filming The Flight Attendant in Rome. She and a few of her castmates enjoyed one last evening out together on Sunday, but the night almost turned into a nightmare for poor Kaley. While the group was out partying at a bar, her hair caught fire, and she thought that a man who was trying to put the flames out was attacking her. Kaley recounted the experience during her latest episode of A Cup of Cuoco.