‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Shots Are Fired & Lives Hang In The Balance With New Mob War

The week of January 20 will be a wild one, according to General Hospital spoilers from a new sneak peek. Sonny and Jason have been bracing themselves for a turf war, and now it looks as if this will get quite intense, quite quickly. Could someone in Port Charles be seriously injured by being in the wrong place at the wrong time as this war breaks out?

On Monday morning, a new weekly sneak peek for General Hospital was shared on Twitter. Spoilers from the clip tease a lot of crazy action coming this week. In fact, there’s so much chaos on the horizon that the clip was significantly longer than is typical.

One major component of what’s in this clip relates to Sonny’s mob business and a new challenger who is trying to take over some of his territory. Nobody knows yet who is behind this effort, but they are going to make a fierce first impression later this week.

In one part of the preview, Jordan is seen talking to Jason. She tells him that if there’s about to be a mob war breaking out in Port Charles, she needs to know about it. Chances are, Jason will resist giving her any details regarding what he and Sonny have discussed on this front.

Based on General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps, tensions turn into action toward the end of the week. During Friday’s episode, Sonny will head to the emergency room and Nikolas will visit Laura. Now, the sneak peek clip hints at what leads to those developments.

It looks like many Port Charles residents will be gathered at one spot later in the week when things go wrong. It appears that this may be the Floating Rib, and Jason, Mike, and Sonny are seen there. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason will yell that everybody needs to get down, and Sonny grabs Mike just as a gunman pops up and starts shooting.

It also looks like Josslyn, Laura, Michael, and Sasha are all in the area, seemingly outdoors on the docks, as this situation plays out. Joss will yell for Michael to get down, and he lunges for Sasha as everybody looks frightened and confused.

People will be cowering and hiding as shots are fired, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Laura will get hit. That would certainly explain a noteworthy visit from Nikolas, who is desperate to repair his relationship with his mother. Sonny could certainly end up at the ER either to have Mike checked out or to check on Laura.

Who is behind this mob war and what comes next? General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will learn more this week, and there’s going to be a lot of scrambling in the days ahead.

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