MMA Fighter Faked Death? Charlie Rowan Is Alive But In Jail

charles rowan

When Christos Piliafas heard the news that Charlie Rowan had been arrested for robbing a gun shop there was one question on his mind: Did the MMA fighter really fake his death?

Rowan’s bizarre story starts about a month ago at a fight in Traverse City, Michigan. The fighter didn’t show up to the event but his girlfriend Rosalinda Martinez did. And with her, came the sad news that Rowan had died in a car crash.

Piliafas, a fellow fighter, said that he was saddened by the news and helped organize a benefit to raise money for Rowan’s family.

Piliafas said: “I just felt bad for his family.”

Piliafas raised over $1300 for the Rowan family. According to Up North Live, at least two other MMA fighters held events for Rowan and raised about $500 each.

But here’s the thing. Rowan isn’t dead. He’s in prison.

Shortly after Piliafas and the MMA community were informed that Rowan had been killed in a car crash, news surfaced that he had been arrested for robbing a gun shop in Gladwin County. Rowan, his girlfriend Martinez, and a third person Michael Bowman were charged with armed robbery and assault with attempt to commit murder.

Gladwin County Sheriff Michael Shea said in a statement: “This crime is especially heinous since the owner of the gun store was savagely attacked and is in critical condition.”


It’s unclear why Rowan decided to fake his death. Maybe he was desperate to get out of his contract. Maybe he was looking to score some quick case from the benefits. Maybe he just didn’t want to show up for work that day.

Surprisingly, Rowan wouldn’t be the first person to fake his death in order to get out of work. A New York woman faked her daughter’s death in order to extend her vacation time in Costa Rica.