Batman 1960s Tribute Comic: Adam West To Reprise Role

Batman 1960s Tribute Comic Brings Back Adam West And Burt Ward

Batman 1960s tribute comic books and other exciting swag items celebrating the 1966 version of the Caped Crusader will be coming to a collectibles shop near you in 2013, Bleeding Cool reported on Friday.

It wasn’t clear whether the comic would be a one-off, a limited run, or an ongoing series, but the tone, artwork, and feel will be all Adam West and no Christian Bale.

Personally, the idea of revisiting the Batman TV show of the 1960s has appealed to us since we dragged through the finish line of director Christopher Nolan’s landmark trilogy.

It’s not that the new films weren’t superior to those that came before them, but the intensity left us emotionally spent. Seeing a pudgy Batman and a grown-man Robin running around in Technicolor tights again would be a welcome change of pace (for now).

On Thursday, the DC Comics website spilled a few of the beans on what was planned in the reboot. While the Batman 1960s tribute comic was left off the list, fans were presented with a wide assortment of goodies on the horizon.

In addition to T-Shirts and a 16-month calendar for 2014, fans of the Batman TV show will be able to pick up toys of the Batmobile from the series, action figures of Batman, Robin, and the 1960s interpretations of key villains (Cesar Romero’s Joker included).

And the crown jewel of the collection: a San Diego ComiCon exclusive of Adam West Batman doing the Batusi.

(The camp is so thick you can cut it with a knife.)

According to the DC Comics report, more details were to be announced at a Thursday night event, where presumably Bleeding Cool found out about the tribute comic. The comic book company’s website has stated they will release more announcements today.

As for movie Batman, his post-Bale future may rest on the shoulders of the new Lone Ranger (Armie Hammer) in a possible Justice League movie. It’s too early to tell. Many names, even Bale’s, have been considered.

What’s your take on the Batman 1960s tribute comic? Could you use a lighter version of the Caped Crusader after Nolan’s run?