Meet Your Next Batman: Armie Hammer Considered For ‘Justice League’ (Again)

Justice League is one of those DC Comics film properties that has a standing reservation in development hell. Still, producers are talking about it again, and they’re once again trying to picture Armie Hammer as the man under Batman’s mask.

Armie Hammer (The Social Network, The Lone Ranger) isn’t exactly a household name, but the 26-year-old actor is talented and steely, evoking a young Robert Redford (or at least a lighter-haired Jon Hamm). Back when the Justice League film was in development in 2007, then-unknown Hammer was reportedly in the running (some outlets say he was even cast) as Bruce Wayne/Batman. The Justice League effort tanked, and DC moved out of its own way to allow Christian Bale’s Batman to make all of the money.

Now that the Dark Knight Trilogy is over, and in light of Marvel’s The Avengers‘ unprecedented success, the studios are once again trying to get Justice League on its feet, and they’re reportedly looking at Armie Hammer for Batman once again.

What we know about Justice League so far: Will Beall (Gangster Squad) has been hired to write the screenplay, and Ben Affleck is rumored to be Warner Bros’ top choice for the director’s chair. Furthermore, Justice League might do the reverse of what Marvel is doing: instead of building up to the team film, they’ll debut with it and then break each character off into their own franchises (it should be noted that the upcoming Man of Steel will follow in the footsteps of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, meaning that Henry Cavill’s Superman won’t make the Justice League cut).

Hammer being back in the running is only a rumor at present, so don’t take it as gospel. Still, Warner Bros. wanted to cast him as Batman back when he was an unknown, so they have to like him even more now that he’s carving out a name for himself. Depending on the success of The Lone Ranger (helped, no doubt, by Johnny Depp), Hammer could become a bankable and recognizable star.

What do you think? Would Armie Hammer make a good Bruce Wayne/Batman? Could he carry the next Batman franchise on his own? Sound off!