Ashley Judd’s Senate Run Gets Unusual Support From Sean Hannity [Video]

Sean Hannity Ashley Judd

So you’ve probably heard by now that actress Ashley Judd is considering running for the Senate. The will-she, won’t-she buzz is palpable as it is polarizing, but Judd has at least one unusual advocate in her corner: Conservative Fox News pundit Sean Hannity.

For “the sake of the country,” urged Hannity, “Run, Ashley, run.”

But he’s not saying “run from politics.” Strangely, Hannity wants to see her run for office, even as a Democrat. Even though Judd would be squaring-off against Senate Minority Leader (and Republican) Mitch McConnell, Hannity dedicated a segment of his program last night to publicly plead with Judd to run.

“Tonight, right here on this program, I am making a personal plea to Ashley Judd,” Hannity continued. “I am urging you for the sake of the Democratic Party, for the sake of the country, ignore the former philandering president, throw your hat in the race … Run, Ashley, run.”

But why the apparent about-face? Hannity seems to see Judd as the lesser of two evils. That snide jab about a “philandering president” is a reference to Bill Clinton who, according to Politico, would like to see Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Kentucky secretary of state, run in place of Judd.

And, as you may have guessed, there is more to Judd’s run in Hannity’s eyes. Namely, she would be easier for McConnell to beat than Grimes.

“If she was running in New York or Massachusetts, totally different story,” Hannity said. “She’s running in Kentucky. Kentucky that just elected Rand Paul. She’s not going to win,” Hannity told his panel. “And I want her to run because it’s going to be entertaining as hell.”

Ooh. So this is one of those under-handed “set up the dominoes to watch them fall” kind of things. Very shady, Mr. Hannity.

What do you think? Would Ashley Judd stand a chance against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky? Should she run for Senate?