Google Smartwatch Currently Being Created For Android

Google Smartwatch

A Google smartwatch is currently being developed by the search giant, according to several rumors that surfaced on Thursday.

According to reports, the Google Android division is developing the smartwatch in order to ensure its compatibility with the company’s mobile OS. In comparison, Google Glass was developed by Google X Lab.

News of the Google smartwatch surfaces at the same time that Samsung and Apple have begun working on their own wearable tech. Very few facts about those smartwatch devices have surfaced at this time.

A source at the FinancialTimes says the new project is separate from Samsung’s own attempts to create an Android friendly smartphone. The source also says the Google smartwatch is still in its infancy and could be sidelined before it gains traction.

Last year, Google filed a patent for Google Glass that would allow information to display via a flip-up front bezel. That same patent could be used to help the Google smartwatch.

The Samsung smartwatch surfaced in alleged photos several days ago with a 500×500-resolution screen, while the Apple iWatch is believed to be utilizing curved glass. Should Google decide to compete in the smartwatch sector, we assume they will offer similar features found on Samsung and Apple devices.

The Google smartwatch could be a smart move for the internet giant. Google Glass is a great new product, but it will likely suffer from a lack of mass appeal. A cheaper smartwatch, on the other hand, could give Google a way into the wearable tech market.

Google will be competing against an Apple iWatch team that is believed to include 100 Apple employees. The company will also have to convince an already established user base to turn away from the Kickstarter-funded Pebble smartwatch and the Sony SmartWatch.

Are you prepared to make the jump from smartphone to mobile based smartwatch?