'RHOBH' Star Denise Richards Is Reportedly Shocked By Brandi Glanville's Claim About Her Alleged Open Marriage

Lindsay Cronin

Denise Richards is reportedly upset about Brandi Glanville's claim suggesting she has an open marriage with husband Aaron Phypers.

According to a January 14 report from Hollywood Life, the actress and mother-of-three was shocked to learn that Glanville had not only been telling people that the two of them had hooked up with one another, but also that she and Phypers weren't completely monogamous.

"Brandi has been telling everyone that Denise and Aaron have an open marriage, and Denise is adamant that a hookup never happened. All of this has actually sparked the end of Denise and Brandi's friendship," the source explained.

As fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills well know, Richards and Glanville were close last year and actually appeared together on camera for the series' ninth season. Now, however, the two women are at odds -- just weeks ago, Glanville shared a surprising Twitter post in which she told her fans and followers she had been "Denised."

"It's shaping up to be a huge storyline for the upcoming season, as it's caused major fighting between the women and a lot of name calling amongst the cast has occurred," the insider continued.

As for where Richards and Phypers stand today, the insider went on to say that the couple is "very happy" and in a "healthy marriage" with one another.

According to one of the magazine's insiders, Richards and Glanville hooked up numerous times, with at least one instance taking place prior to Richards' September 2018 wedding to Phypers.

"Another time Brandi was under the impression that they had some openness to Denise and Aaron's relationship and that Aaron was aware of what was going on," the source continued.

While a second source suggested Glanville's allegations against Richards were "ridiculous and reckless" and that the couple is 100 percent faithful to one another, Glanville recently suggested she had "receipts" of the rumored affair on Twitter. In another post, she said that while she would love to speak out and reveal what she knows, she isn't able to do so just yet.

As fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills well know, cast members of the series are contractually obligated to keep details regarding certain storylines for upcoming episodes to themselves until after they air.