'RHOA' Snake Is Finally Identified As NeNe Leakes And Kenya Moore Almost Come To Blows

The January 12 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was one of the most anticipated of the season after a brawl was teased in the Season 12 trailer. The fight finally went down and the "snake" was revealed after being discussed for the past several episodes. Viewers were wondering if they were ever going to find out the identity of the mystery woman who recorded Cynthia Bailey making negative comments about NeNe Leakes. It looked like it was never going to happen, but all was revealed on Sunday night's episode.

According to People, the verbal altercation, which almost came to blows, went down in Marlo Hampton's Toronto hotel room after the women spent a night out together. The discussion revolved around the mysterious "snake" as the women tried to figure out who she was. While all the drama was going down, NeNe admitted in a confessional that Yovanna Momplaisir was the one behind the secret recording of Cynthia. Most of the women suspected Yovanna of being the "snake," as did many fans on Twitter. It can now be confirmed, but whether it will be revealed to the other women on screen this season remains to be seen.

In the episodes, Yovanna is still denying being the recorder of Cynthia, but her friend NeNe just outed her without her knowledge.

Cynthia begged NeNe to tell her who the "snake" was, but NeNe refused to do so, confessing in her interview that she doesn't owe her former bestie anything. It looks like NeNe is still hurt about Cynthia not giving her information about Kenya Moore's impending appearance at the Season 11 finale taping last year.

After NeNe wouldn't turn over her source, Kenya called her a "b*tch" and accused the former Chicago star of being a liar, saying there isn't even a recording, to begin with. This wasn't what started the almost-brawl between the two women, which eventually went down later.

Once Porsha Williams called for Yovanna to be removed from the room for talking nasty about her on-again-off-again fiance, NeNe and Kenya exploded on one another for really no reason at all. The two had to be separated and security got involved before the women could put their hands on one another. After Kenya removed herself from the situation, she was still followed by NeNe who threw a plethora of threats toward her enemy. More from the fight and the aftermath is expected to play out next week.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs every Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.