Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Reveal Details On Jordan’s Next Case

Briana Henry plays Jordan Ashford on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Jordan Ashford is about to start digging into a new case and General Hospital spoilers note that this one is quite personal for her. Viewers have watched the show lay the groundwork for this case and now additional context has emerged.

The new issue of Soap Opera Digest breaks down the details. As fans have seen, Jordan recently learned that an old friend of hers has died. Curtis did some digging and shared that the friend seemingly died of an overdose. However, that doesn’t sound feasible to Jordan and General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’s right.

Briana Henry, who plays Jordan, tells SOD that everybody is pumped for this upcoming storyline. She notes that there hasn’t been all that much for her character to do over the past few months and General Hospital spoilers tease that this case will definitely keep her busy.

Viewers only know a few bits and pieces about Jordan’s life prior to showing up in Port Charles. There’s her history with Curtis, Stella, and Thomas, but little is known about her other family members or previous life experiences. Now, the death of this old acquaintance will seemingly fill in some gaps.

“Jordan knew this person, Bob, very intimately, they spent a lot of time together. And especially in a job like [law enforcement], you just know each other on a different kind of intimate level than other professions. She doesn’t believe it,” Briana explains.

This past week, Jordan made a call to a mysterious someone asking that person to come to Port Charles to help investigate Bob’s death. General Hospital spoilers hint that this someone will be a person Jordan used to be romantically linked to and someone she still trusts deeply.

Of course, Jordan could utilize Curtis to do additional investigating into Bob’s death. However, it seems that she’ll keep him at a distance as this progresses. According to SheKnows Soaps, this storyline will pick up speed throughout the rest of the month and seemingly kick into full gear in February.

“I also think on some level, she’s trying to protect Curtis, trying to keep him out of this as much as possible in case it goes south. She’d rather take the hit and protect her family,” Briana shares.

General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s a major surprise in store when this person shows up in Port Charles. Who is this mystery person? Some people have speculated that it could be Taggert, and fans would love for that to be the case.

Unfortunately, a return by Taggert seems unlikely at the moment, at least utilizing the original actor. It turns out that actor Real Andrews, who portrayed Taggert years ago on General Hospital, was recently diagnosed with cancer and had surgery just about a month ago.

Andrews’ Instagram page shows that he’s back on his feet and working hard to recover. However, the timing of needing to be on the General Hospital set to film doesn’t exactly align well with this cancer diagnosis and battle.

Spoilers tease that as Jordan throws herself into this, her husband Curtis might be getting a shock. Fans have speculated that Trina will turn out to be his daughter, and it looks like that storyline is about to move forward.

Who’s coming to Port Charles and what’s the truth about Bob’s death? Will this put Jordan in trouble? General Hospital spoilers hint that this could get intense and fans will be anxious to see what the writers have planned.