Sorry, There’s No Joe Jonas Sex Tape After All

No Joe Jonas sex tape

Sorry, folks. Rumors of the imminent release of a Joe Jonas sex tape were just that.

We reported earlier that rumors of a Joe Jonas sex tape were making rounds on the Internet, and seemed to originate from a blind gossip site (which, as we noted, is usually where such rumors are made up … err … born).

The sex tape was supposed to feature Joe Jonas and his girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, during a South American tryst. The unique thing about the Jonas sex tape rumor is that it was very descriptive of the clip, alleging that Jonas and Eggenschwiler are featured engaging in explicit sexual activity which included BDSM gear and drug use.

The website Jezebelquoted the report:

“The video features explicit footage of Joe Jonas, 23, and his girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, 28, drinking, doing drugs, and engaging in sex using a number of sex toys and BDSM devices, including dildos, a gag ball, and a slapper paddle … The sex tape was made earlier this month in a room at Park Tower, a hotel in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Blanda, who describes herself as model from Switzerland, is traveling with the Jonas Brothers while they are on tour in South America.”

Sounds like just the thing to sate the thirst of fans at the crossroads of Jonas Brothers fan fiction and Fifty Shades of Grey, no? Too bad it’s all complete bunk.

A rep for Joe Jonas caught wind of the sex tape rumor and debunked it this afternoon.

“There is no truth or validity to this story,” Jonas’ rep told E! News. “It is completely false.”

Jonas also humorously referenced the sex tape rumors on Twitter:

Jonas and Eggenschwiler were first linked romantically in November. She is a former model who now works as a graphic designer and illustrator. The blind gossip site said that she orchestrated the kinky sex tape in order to boost her career and personal fame.

Are you bummed that the Joe Jonas sex tape rumor turned out to be false? Be honest!

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