January 11, 2020
'RHOD' Husband Travis Hollman Accuses Kameron Westcott Of Buying Votes In Twitter Poll

Some fights are understandable between members of the Real Housewives casts, and others are downright confusing. The latter is the case for the newest fight between The Real Housewives of Dallas stars Kameron Westcott and Travis Hollman, Stephanie Hollman's husband.

The duo has already gone after one another in the last few weeks while online regarding a country club membership, but their newest feud is all about a Twitter poll. A popular Bravo fan account known as AllCelebPolls routinely posts questions about the Real Housewives and boasts well over 40,000 followers.

The polls from AllCelebPolls normally ask questions in which followers must choose between a certain number of Real Housewives cast members. Topics range from "most loved" to "most hated" and so on.

A recent poll asked which side of the Kameron and Stephanie feud followers were taking, and Kameron won by garnering 59.1 percent of the vote while Stephanie received 40.9 percent. An astounding 25,000 votes came in for the poll, making this interactive pursuit one of the most popular for the Twitter page to date.

According to Travis, the poll was somehow fixed somehow because there was no way his wife could have lost, a concept he made clear on Twitter.

"Wow Kam. Buying votes? That is the biggest vote total in the history of the poll. You must have been way down," Travis tweeted.

Travis immediately came under fire for accusing Kameron of buying votes. In fact, many Twitter users felt that was a ridiculous accusation. Once the RHOD star caught wind of Travis' tweet, she responded on Instagram.

"Maybe you pressed the wrong button when you were buying followers? Unlike your wife, I have a life and friends outside of the show and don't care about twitter polls and have never bought followers or comments. I am 100% real," Kameron wrote at the beginning of a lengthy caption.

Travis also retweeted another poll from AllCelebPolls for which his wife lost against Brandi Redmond and LeeAnne Locken. The particular question asked followers if they could only choose one of the three women from RHOD to return for another season, who would they pick? Travis' re-tweet suggests he also believed that poll was fixed since also the question brought in a very large number of votes at more than 11,000.

Traditionally, AllCelebPolls will capture anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 votes per tweet, and RHOD questions normally bring in the least amount of votes when it comes to polls since the show has the lowest viewership of all the Real Housewives franchises. Some of Travis' followers agreed that the number of poll voters for which his wife lost was shocking, but most of them suggested he do something better with his time. It's not rare for Travis to go to war for his wife on social media since he has done so plenty of times in the past.

Whether this feud between Kameron and Travis will end anytime soon remains to be seen.