Teen Claims Juul Addiction Almost Killed Her

A 19-year-old endured major lung damage after excessively vaping.

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A 19-year-old endured major lung damage after excessively vaping.

Claire Chung is a 19-year-old from Washington, DC. She was previously addicted to vaping, using the famous Juul as well as other devices. Now, she claims this addiction nearly killed her. Chung spent time in the hospital after developing a 104-degree fever. She fell into critical condition and doctors discovered that her vaping habit destroyed much of her lung tissue, according to The Daily Mail.

Chung shared her harrowing story through an Instagram post that later went viral in which she explains that it took time for doctors to figure out what was causing her to be so ill. Initially, they suspected she had pneumonia but even after two weeks on antibiotics, her condition wasn’t improving. It wasn’t until a lung specialist looked at CT scans of her chest and saw something he’d never seen before.

“My 19 year old lungs were completely hazy and white in the scans, entirely covering both lungs. I was taken by ambulance to be admitted into more intensive care,” she recalled.

But there turned out to be no infection at all.

“It was determined that there was no infection and that my lung tissue was just completely destroyed from using Juuls and vapes and oil cartridges,” she said.

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Chung said the scariest part of all of this is that she initially felt no physical difference since vaping. She wasn’t sneezing or coughing. She wasn’t wheezing nor did she experience any shortness of breath. But all along she was killing herself through her vaping habit. Now, she has decided to share her story publicly in hopes of convincing others to quit vaping and save their health.

“Please take it from personal experience that this is NOT worth it from something as stupid as a nicotine device. The stories that you’re hearing online are REAL. Death was a VERY real possibility,” she said of her experience.

Chung’s story is, unfortunately, one of many that have been coming out over the last few months about those suffering from serious health issues as a result of vaping. President Donald Trump is determined to curb to vaping epidemic and has been issuing new legislation to make these devices less accessible to young people and hopefully prohibit more youth from getting addicted.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Trump has raised the age in which one can legally buy cigars, cigarettes, and vaping products from 18-years-old to 21-years-old. He also plans to ban flavored vaping products.