Justin Timberlake Reportedly Making Major Lifestyle Changes To Win Back Jessica Biel’s Trust After PDA Scandal

Justin Timberlake attends The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Justin Timberlake is reportedly ready to go the extra mile to win back wife Jessica Biel’s trust.

A new report claims that the actor and singer is taking on the role of “stay-at-home dad” in order to prove to his wife that he will not stray from her. As Radar Online reports, the change came after Justin was photographed getting very cozy with co-star Alisha Wainwright during an evening out in New Orleans back in November. The two are filming a movie together and had gone out to a bar with several members of the cast and crew when they were spotted holding hands.

The report claimed that Jessica asked Justin to spend more time at home with their son, Silas, in the wake of the scandal. Despite a penchant for travel across the country and golf trips with his friends, Justin has reportedly made the change and is not planning to go back to his freewheeling lifestyle anytime soon, a source told the outlet.

The decision is also meant to repair some of the rift that grew between the couple as Justin spent more time away from Jessica and his family while he was on the road performing and filming the movie.

“The real problem here is that before this whole scandal happened, Justin was spending a lot of time on the road while Jessica was stranded in Beverly Hills, responsible for their kid, for keeping up the house,” the source said, noting that in the past Jessica “just had to go along with Justin, who makes ten or even a hundred times as much money as her, being the breadwinner who needs regular vacations to recharge his batteries.”

Justin reportedly went to work quickly after the scandal in trying to win back his wife’s trust. He issued a public apology saying that nothing romantic took place, but admitting that he made a lapse in judgment and saying that he drank too much that night. Reports in the days after the scandal noted that Justin was reportedly trying to convince Jessica to visit him on the set of the movie to put her mind at ease and see that he was not cheating on her.

“Justin has told Jessica to come down to New Orleans while he is shooting so she can see for herself that nothing is going on between him and Alisha,” a source told the New York Post‘s Page Six back in December. “Jessica plans to visit him there.”