Rudy Giuliani Stars In LifeLock Infomercial [Video]

rudy giuliani

What do you do after you stop being mayor of New York City? If your Rudy Giuliani, you start a new career as a LifeLock pitchman.

The former mayor of New York has filmed a series of late night infomercials for LifeLock.

A rep for the company said: “We used (Giuliani) in the ad primarily to talk about the need for protection against identity theft, not as a specific spokesman for LifeLock… He is, however, a LifeLock member.”

According to ABC, LifeLock partnered with Giuliani’s firm, Giuliani Partners, in order to prevent identity theft. Giuliani’s firm is providing counseling, and apparently an actor, to LifeLock.

Giuliani’s commercial focuses on the tax season and urges people to use LifeLock to insure that there tax refunds don’t get stolen by identify thieves.

Giuliani says in the commercial: “Looking forward to your tax refund? So our identity thieves. They can steal your identity without you knowing it in order to get your refund. It happens to thousands of people every year. ”

Here’s Rudy Giuliani’s LifeLock commercial.

UPI notes that LifeLock was hit with a $12 million fine three years ago for making false claims. The company was also embarrassed when CEO Todd Davis had his identity stolen 13 times after offering guaranteed protection. The company has since amended their policies.

Giuliani isn’t the first politician to turn to infomercials. Eleanore Roosevelt filmed a commercial for migraine medication, Mario Cuomo and Ann Richards filmed a commercial for Doritos, and Bob Dole filmed a Viagra ad.

What do you think of Rudy Giuliani’s LifeLock ad.