Chelsea Houska Asks If She Should Document Her New ‘Home Building Process’ And Fans Are Loving The Idea

Chelsea Houska poses for a photo on Instagram.
Chelsea Houska / Instagram

Chelsea Houska is a fan favorite on Teen Mom 2. Recently, the mom of three took to Twitter to ask her fans if she should document the process of her new home being built. It shouldn’t be a surprise that fans love the idea of Chelsea documenting the process.

Including an emoji with hearts around it, Chelsea took to Twitter to ask, “should I document our home building process?! I love following this kind of stuff on IG!”

Chelsea’s tweet had over 16,000 likes from her followers who seemed on board with the idea of seeing the process documented. The tweet also had 60 retweets from fans.

Her tweet came after a fan tweeted that they “couldn’t wait” to see Chelsea and her husband’s dream home. Other fans chimed in on Chelsea’s tweet and loved the idea of seeing the process documented.

One fan suggested that Chelsea and Cole get their own spinoff special for the process.

“Or @mtv could just do a @ChelseaHouska & Cole spin off show and follow you on your journey to build your dream home.”

Another fan showed their support for the idea and also suggested the idea of a spinoff for Chelsea and Cole.

“Omg yes you took the words right out of my mouth!! They should totally do that. Or perhaps think about having their own show should they decide no more teen mom. Lol I know that’s just wishful thinking. But image Cole and Chelsea having a show designing houses! Lol”

Other fans admitted that they would love it if Chelsea documented the process, but urged her to be careful about it.

“Yes, but please be careful about showing the location of your new home!” one user commented.

The urging comes after Chelsea Houska opened up about her home being burglarized while she and her family were not home. The experience left Chelsea shaken. Following the incident, she admitted that she wanted to move. However, she also explained that they took precautions following the incident to ensure their safety. The mom of three shared on Twitter that she and Cole had stepped up the security on their property.

Chelsea hasn’t shared too much about when she and Cole will start building their new home. Fans watched as the couple found the land for their new home on the most recent season of Teen Mom 2. Chelsea also teased fans with a sneak peek of what her new home could look like, sharing some sketches of a home on Instagram.

Whenever the couple decides to start building, it sounds like fans are on board with the two documenting the process and sharing it!