Kelly Ripa Pokes Fun At Media’s Coverage Of Ryan Seacrest’s Fall, Says ‘We Finally Got Some Press’

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It was an eventful week for Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest when the American Idol host took a tumble out of his chair onto the hardwood floor on Tuesday, scaring his co-host and fans. Many people found it to be funny, as the video clip of his spill quickly spread on social media and the news. The day after proved to be just as funny, as the morning duo joked about all the hubbub that the incident caused in the press.

The famous pair poked fun at the media on Live with Kelly and Ryan for making Ryan’s mishap a big story. Kelly Ripa started out by sharing all of her co-host’s accomplishments in his lifetime. She then went on to say that Ryan falls out of his chair once and that’s all anyone can talk about.

As she was reading all of the headlines about his tumble from major entertainment sites, Ryan wondered if it was just a slow news day. They joked that they finally got some press. Kelly was impressed that the video of Ryan’s incident got 1.3 million views. She touted that their show was finally being talked about.

As if to rub it in, the video was played in slow motion. As The Inquisitr had previously explained, Kelly was pretty shocked when it all happened. One minute she was talking, then she looked over and realized what happened. She quickly spun into action, helping him up. She said on the show that all she remembered was turning around and seeing his foot staring at her instead of his face.

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Ryan Seacrest explained exactly what happened, despite all of America watching it live on air. He said that production decided on these big gold balloons that came down from the ceiling, and he went for one. Then another balloon hit him on the back at the same time. As seen in the replay, that’s when he went down.

Ryan then read comments from fans about their “concern” for his welfare. Many of the comments stated how they couldn’t stop laughing after watching it.

Kelly came up with a solution to keep her partner in his chair from now on. She pulled out a contraption that stuck to the table and a belt that wrapped around his waist. A helmet was also handed to him, just in case.

Kelly Ripa impressed viewers when she came out holding hands with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday’s show wearing a gorgeous black-and-white printed dress by designer Rebecca Taylor. It featured a high neckline, a fabric belt around her petite waistline, and layers of ruffles on the skirt. The mom of three completed her outfit with a pair of beige Gianvito Rossi heels.