'My 600-LB Life' Lindsey Witte Weight Loss Update: See The Amazing Strides Lindsey Made After The Show

Lindsey Witte came to My 600-LB Life seeking a drastic change in her life, and post-show updates from the 39-year-old show that she seems to have found it.

Witte was featured on the January 8 episode of the TLC docu-series, with viewers following her journey to lose weight with a visit to famed surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. As viewers saw, Lindsey was fearful that she would not make it through the night because of her weight and was left in constant pain from her 600-pound frame.

As TLC noted in its preview, Lindsey seemed to start her weight-loss program from a place of unusual strength for those featured on the show. While many are weighed down by past trauma and have complicated family situations that make losing weight very difficult, Lindsey had steady employment and what appeared to be a supportive husband.

That was thrown in jeopardy because of her unhealthy relationship with food, the network noted.

"But now her food addiction is threatening to ruin everything," TLC noted in its preview.

"As she embarks on a weight loss journey to save her life, it is questioned whether her husband is a support or an addict himself."
The episode revealed that Lindsey's family situation was more complicated than initially known, and Lindsey ends up leaning on the support of a close friend while she remained in Houston. As viewers saw last season, those who remained in Houston to work closely with Dr. Now saw significant weight loss compared to others who traveled back to their homes to attempt to complete the strict program on their own.

Witte seems to have some amazing results after appearing on My 600-LB Life. She started a public Facebook page called "Second Chance Success - The Real Lindsey Witte" where she gives fans updates of her progress. Lindsey had already lost more than 130 pounds through working with Dr. Now, bringing her back under 400 pounds and close to the 300-pound barrier, and Lindsey appeared motivated to continue losing weight.

Witte's Facebook posts show that she has joined a gym and is now able to accomplish some of the everyday life tasks that became impossible when she was more than 600 pounds -- including shaving her legs on her own and seeing her ankles again. Lindsey also shared that she has been in counseling since her My 600-LB Life episode and is learning to select healthy food options and to stop looking at food as a source of comfort.