Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Michael's Worried As The Lengthy Baby Saga Continues

Previews for Thursday's episode of General Hospital reveal that viewers will finally see a bit more of Wiley as the baby swap saga slowly inches toward a big reveal. Spoilers tease that bombshells will drop on this front soon and the January 9 show will bring some forward progress to this storyline.

Recent General Hospital spoilers promised viewers that the truth about Wiley being Jonah would be revealed at some point in 2020 and fans are hoping the reveal comes sooner rather than later. Viewers are anxious to see Michael learn that his "godson" is really his biological son. After a focus on other storylines for the past few shows, viewers also seem eager for this situation to get some attention again.

The sneak peek for the next episode shows that Michael will be taking care of Wiley and he'll have a conversation with Brad. It looks like the two men run into one another at General Hospital as Brad is working and Michael is carrying Wiley. Spoilers share that Brad will ask Michael if he is okay and Michael will reply that he's not.

What is it that will have Michael upset or rattled at this point? According to SheKnows Soaps, Michael will be feeling concerned and uneasy about something. This may rattle Brad, at least briefly, but Michael's worries may not have anything to do with Brad, Lucas, or Wiley.

While Michael is lending his support to Brad and is rooting for Lucas to recover, he has no idea that Brad is hiding the truth about Wiley really being Michael's son. It seems likely that Michael is feeling uneasy about Quartermaine drama and perhaps ELQ.

Tracy is back in Port Charles, Ned is getting more involved in ELQ again, and there are still outstanding issues with Oscar's shares that were left to Shiloh in Oscar's will. General Hospital spoilers have suggested that Nelle thinks she can get her hands on those shares and she will be getting out of Pentonville soon.

Michael may not realize it yet, but it seems there is some major ELQ drama on the horizon. General Hospital spoilers note that soon Tracy will be upset with Michael and will blame him for something. In addition, the Quartermaine legacy will soon be at risk of imploding and everybody will have to come together to save it. Both of those teasers are likely connected to issues with ELQ.

Ultimately, General Hospital spoilers signal that this Quartermaine drama and the baby swap bombshell will intersect to some degree. The show has not shared a timeline regarding when Michael will finally learn the truth about Jonah. However, it looks like Thursday's show will likely move the storyline ahead at least a little bit and fans are anxious to see major developments on this front soon.