'General Hospital' Spoilers For 2020 Tease Big Drama Revolving Around Nelle & The Baby Swap

Spoilers for the New Year are starting to emerge, and General Hospital viewers will see some wild developments as 2020 kicks into gear. Everybody is anxious for the baby swap storyline to reach a conclusion, and teasers hint that the transition into the next phase of this may finally be in sight.

ABC has already teased via an explosive sneak peek that baby bombshells will drop in the New Year. Unfortunately, specifics regarding the timing on this playing out haven't emerged yet. However, General Hospital spoilers seem to hint that the truth about Wiley being Jonah is finally coming relatively soon.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Nelle will be released from Pentonville soon. She has been determined to make this happen, but so far, she has been unsuccessful. It has been clear that she remains determined, however, and it sounds as if she will soon come up with some scheme that leads to her legitimate release.

Obviously, Nelle's freedom will impact many people in Port Charles. Brad will likely be in a full-blown panic over this, worrying that her freedom will impact her willingness to leave Jonah living as Wiley.

General Hospital spoilers also detail that Nelle's release will cause plenty of fallout. As most would anticipate, Carly, Michael, and Willow will all be impacted, as will Chase and Sasha.

The network promises that the truth about Wiley really being Jonah will be revealed at some point relatively soon. Unfortunately, currently available General Hospital spoilers appear to suggest that this will not happen within the next few weeks. However, it does seem as if this secret will finally be exposed this winter.

Not only will Nelle get released from Pentonville, but General Hospital spoilers hint that she will stir up chaos with the Quartermaines and ELQ. Nelle has said that she married someone while in jail and that he died, and fans feel pretty certain she somehow managed to marry Shiloh.

It sounds as if Nelle thinks she'll be able to get control of the ELQ shares that Oscar planned to leave to Shiloh, and that this becomes a major battle soon.

General Hospital spoilers detail that the Quartermaines will find themselves having to work together to protect their family legacy. It's not necessarily a stretch to see how this battle might sync with Nelle's mysterious windfall teasers.

Additional General Hospital spoilers regarding Nelle's plans and how everybody finally learns that Wiley is Jonah should emerge soon. Viewers can see that this situation is getting close to imploding, and it sounds as if the fallout will be deliciously intense.