‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Prompt Wild Speculation Over Peter Weber’s Season Ending As He Insists It Won’t Leak

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A new season of The Bachelor premieres Monday night, and Peter Weber is confident that fans will not find out ahead of time how things end for him. Blogger Reality Steve has been spoiling the endings from the franchise for years now, rarely getting one ending wrong. However, something seems to be up with what happens with Peter, and fans are doing plenty of speculating about the possibilities.

All of the interviews Peter has done in the lead-up to Monday’s premiere express the sentiment that nobody, not even Reality Steve, will be able to accurately spoil the ending of his season. In fact, The Bachelor star himself says that he couldn’t have seen things ending how they did, but he insists that he’s very happy.

Warning! Detailed spoilers for Peter’s season of The Bachelor ahead!

The good news is that Reality Steve has spoiled most of Peter’s season and he seems confident in what he has shared. He says that Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett are the final two ladies and that there was no engagement at the final rose ceremony. He also says that Victoria Fuller was eliminated after the overnight dates and that there was a lot of drama involving her this season.

The Bachelor spoilers also indicate that Peter’s former flame, Hannah Brown from last spring’s The Bachelorette, shows up and the sparks still fly between the two of them. Viewers will see that during Monday’s premiere, and based on previews and hints about what goes down, not everybody is convinced that Hannah ends up fully out of the picture.

Host Chris Harrison told The Hollywood Reporter that how Peter’s season concludes is not going to be obvious to viewers ahead of time. Granted, Chris is known for sometimes hyping things up beyond how they really play out. However, he insists that this time, things are crazy and unpredictable.

“It’s a wild ride. It is a turbulent, wild, emotional, gut-wrenching ride right up until the very end,” Chris teases.

By the looks of things, all of these teases are just pushing The Bachelor fans to feel all the more determined to figure it all out.

For example, it’s possible that Peter ends up with nobody, although there seems to be a fair number of signs that’s not the case. Many fans of The Bachelor are speculating that he chose nobody at the final rose ceremony, but has instead ending up reuniting with Hannah.

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It’s certainly possible that Peter picked contestant Hannah Ann at the end, although that doesn’t seem to be a theory that has picked up much steam. Reality Steve’s spoilers have said that Madi’s father did not give his blessing for a proposal, so it could be that Peter chose Madi but wanted to wait until later to propose.

There has been some speculation that Madi gets cold feet and ends up leaving at that final stage, or that she turns down a final rose or proposal. Why would she do this? Some The Bachelor fans wonder if this could be the case because she’s said to be a virgin and Peter admits in previews that he is intimate with at least one other person during filming.

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Another theory floating around on sites like Reddit is that perhaps Victoria comes back before Peter gets through his final rose ceremony and she tries to win him back over. That would be a big shocker if she were to do that and be successful, but it wouldn’t necessarily explain why Reality Steve and others would be unable to find out.

Some people wonder if Peter did what Charlie O’Connell did years ago, which was to hold off on making a decision at the final rose ceremony. It doesn’t sound like he rejected both ladies, like Brad Womack did in his first season. At least a few The Bachelor fans wonder if Peter might have decided to keep dating both Hannah Ann and Madi with a decision to come after filming.

Could there be an entirely different path that Peter’s journey takes that fans have yet to speculate about? That’s possible, and people will surely be picking apart every available Bachelor spoiler between now and the finale to try and figure things out.

Some might say that the simplest, somewhat unusual ending would be for Peter to want Madi, but has to convince her to stay and accept his final rose.

Speculation about Peter reuniting with his Bachelorette flame Hannah probably will continue for the foreseeable future. However, ABC teasing this possibility as heavily as they are doing probably means it’s unlikely to happen.

Will Peter really manage to keep the ending to his season under wraps, even from Reality Steve? The Bachelor spoilers seem to confirm that it’s going to be a pretty wild ride and everybody will be anxious to see just what happens.