January 1, 2020
Generous Patrons Tipped A Single Mother $2,020 As Part Of The '2020 Tip Challenge'

A 31-year-old single mother named Danielle Franzoni received a pleasant New Year's Eve surprise last night while working her shift at the Thunder Bay River Restaurant in Alpena, Michigan. Danielle was shocked to find that two customers left her a massive tip of $2,020 on a $23 tab, reports ABC News.

Supposedly, the customers were taking part in what they dubbed the "2020 Tip Challenge."

Danielle told reporters that she started crying when she realized how much money they had left her.

"That doesn't happen to people like me," said the waitress.

Based on the ABC News article, it sounds like Danielle really needed the money. She has been sober for two years and is currently in the middle of trying to get custody of her three kids.

She also told reporters that she would put the money towards getting her driver's license back. It's not clear how Danielle lost it, but she has been without one for a decade now. At one point in the past, she was also homeless. Now that she's finally getting her life back on track, the money couldn't have come at a more opportune moment.

It's not clear if Danielle was friendly with the customers or not, but the ABC News article does state they were "regulars" at the establishment. They may have been aware of Danielle's struggles and decided she earned the chance to be the first tip challenge recipient.

Many people were touched by reading the story and vowed to take part in the "2020 Tip Challenge" whenever they could.

"Now and then someone does something so awesome and selfless - as above - that it restores my faith in humanity. We need more stories like the above!" wrote one user in the comments section of the ABC News article.

Even celebrities are taking part in the tip challenge, which has generated a hashtag of its own on Twitter.

The Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy shared a photograph of an IHOP receipt this afternoon. Her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, tipped their server $2,020 on a $78.45 tab.

Many fans praised the couple for their kindness. They mentioned that their server would probably be overwhelmingly grateful for the contribution, especially so soon after the holidays since they often take an economical toll on many.

"That's so awesome. I bet he totally made her day. Super sweet guy to do this for sure," wrote one person.

While not everyone can afford to tip $2,020 on their bill, the challenge is meant to inspire generosity in those who can spare it.