Peter Weber Teases That Ending For His 'Bachelor' Season Won't Leak & That He's Confident For A Reason

Peter Weber is teasing some tantalizing spoilers for his season of The Bachelor. Rumors have been flying about what went down at and after the final rose ceremony, and he is definitely playing coy about how things ended. In fact, Peter seems quite confident that definitive spoilers will remain under wraps with viewers facing an unspoiled finale.

Spoiler king Reality Steve has shared plenty of The Bachelor teasers about what happened throughout Peter's season. He has explained that he is confident about which two women make it to that final part of filming. However, he has yet to reveal how things ended.

In fact, Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that something unusual seemingly happened with Peter's final rose ceremony. He also said that he has heard a lot about what supposedly went down at that final stage of filming, but he hasn't received enough solid confirmation to run with anything more specific yet.

In an interview with People TV, Peter teases that there is a reason why it has been hard for spoiler fans to pinpoint how his season ended. He said that there are tons of unexpected developments and crazy situations coming this season with something unusual happening just about every week.

Peter said that heading into filming, he did envision getting down on one knee at the end and proposing to somebody. However, he shares, he never felt that it was something that absolutely had to happen either.

The Bachelor star said that he was always going to be true to himself, and if that meant no engagement in the end, he wouldn't consider it a failure. As for the lack of solid spoilers about whether he proposed, he did share an interesting teaser on that front.

"There's a reason that no one's gonna find out the ending. I'm very, very excited, or I can say I'm very happy about how everything turned out. I'm excited for everybody to tune in and have it be the first unspoiled season in a while," Peter teased.

Will the ending of Peter's season really remain unspoiled all the way until The Bachelor finale? He sounds quite confident that viewers won't find out what went down ahead of time, and that seemingly throws out a significant challenge to Reality Steve.

Reality Steve hasn't missed spoiling an ending for The Bachelor in years, briefly naming the wrong final rose recipient in Brad Womack's season before changing the spoiler mid-season. His track record on spoiling The Bachelorette is a bit more checkered, but the only one he didn't ultimately nail was Desiree Hartsock's in Season 9 that aired in 2013.

Spoiler fans will likely be all the more curious now that Peter has confidently predicted that nobody will uncover the details about how his season ends. Even if Reality Steve can't pin down specifics, it does seem likely he'll eventually be able to share why the ending is so mysterious.

Does Peter find love on The Bachelor? Spoilers indicate that it will be a wild ride, and fans will get to see the journey begin with the premiere airing on Monday, January 6.