WWE News: Lacey Evans Reveals Biggest Dream For 2020, Opens Up About Tough Upbringing

Lacey Evans portrays a villainous character on WWE television, but she hopes to use her platform to become a positive role model in the eyes of fans around the world. During a recent interview with CBS New York, the "Sassy Southern Belle" opened up about her plans for 2020, and revealed that she hopes to inspire people.

"I know sometimes things hurt really bad and I know there are a lot of bad things that are happening, and you feel so down and out on yourself. But trust me when I tell you, coming from where I come from and what I've been through, you are capable of anything. If I have to become a champion to tell the world that they are capable of anything, as long as they continue to fight, make a plan, and push forward, then that's what I want to do. That is my goal."
The 29-year-old also discussed how she overcame hardship to be where she is today. She grew up in an impoverished household with family members who were addicted to drugs and suffered from depression. Now that she's made it to WWE, she hopes that young people who are currently experiencing a similar situation will realize that there is a better life waiting for them, should they decide to work towards it.

Evans believes that her time in the Marine Corps taught her to have confidence and self-discipline, which are skills that she uses to this day. She also has an affinity for veterans and their families, which is why she got involved in Military Makeover and WWE's Tribute to the Troops.

During the conversation, Evans also spoke about being a mother and expressed gratitude to be in a position where her daughter won't experience the same upbringing that she had. However, she also said that her biggest fear is losing everything that she has at the moment with WWE, though she feels confident that her determination and survival instincts would serve her well.

Evans has been on the rise in WWE this year. After being promoted to the main roster, she feuded with Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch. Despite coming out on the losing end of the rivalry, the main event spotlight showed that WWE has big plans for the former NXT star.

Evans also made history by being a part of the first women's match in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel, where she faced Natalya.