Adele Has Secret Wedding In the Works

Adele Has Secret Wedding In the Works

Adele is apparently planning a secret wedding with Simon Konecki and Angelo, their 5-month-old son, Us Weekly is reporting.

One source told the magazine that Adele has been planning the wedding for a while, and another said the big event will happen in late summer or fall:

“She’s been planning it for a while and is very involved … She likes romantic details, classic [wedding dress] styles. She is deciding everything herself, from the flowers to the dress.”

Some people believe she and simon have been secretly engaged since sometime last year. Adele denied being engaged on Twitter last May after being photographed wearing a large diamond ring.

Adel is 24. Simon is 38. The couple started dating in 2011 after being introduced by Ed Sheeran. They were first seen together in Florida where Simon’s parents have a million dollar waterfront home.

Adel moved to Brighton, England on the South coast of Great Britain with Simon so that he could be closer to his daughter from a previous marriage.

Simon Konecki is the Chief Executive Officer of Drop4Drop, a non-profit that works to bring clean, drinkable water to the world’s poorest communities.

Before that he was director of investment at investment bank EBS. He later co-founded battled water company Life Water, which is what got him involved in charity projects involving water.

Konecki graduated from Eaton College, the same school where Prince William and British Prime Minster David Cameron were educated. He married Clary Fisher, a personal stylist in 2004 and they divorced either in 2008 or just last year.

According to Hollywood Life, Adele will wear a wedding dress designed by Jenny Packham who also designed Adele’s dress for the Academy Awards.

Although famous for sharing her broken heart with the world through unforgettable songs about tragically bad breakups, Adel told Vogue last year she wants her new music to be about being in love:

“If I am constantly working, my relationships fail. So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record. And be in love and be happy. And then I don’t know what I’ll do. Get married. Have some kids. Plant a nice vegetable patch.”

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