Fan Accuses Lauren Duggar Of Copying Josie Balka’s Instagram Photo, ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Likes Comment

Lauren shared holiday photos of baby Bella that looked remarkably similar to a snapshot posted by Josie.

Lauren Duggar takes a selfie with husband Josiah.
Josiah and Lauren Duggar / Instagram

Lauren shared holiday photos of baby Bella that looked remarkably similar to a snapshot posted by Josie.

Counting On star Lauren Duggar, née Swanson, the wife of Josiah Duggar, has been accused of getting a little too much social media inspiration from another reality show star for her holiday photos.

On Christmas Eve, Lauren took to her and Josiah’s joint Instagram page to share a set of four Christmas snapshots with their 746,000 followers. In the second and third snapshots, the couple’s 1-month-old daughter, Bella Milagro, was pictured lying underneath the family’s Christmas tree.

The newborn was sporting a long-sleeved white onesie and a tiny brown fur vest. She was also wearing a headband adorned with a maroon bow. Bella had been placed on a fluffy white blanket, and she was surrounded by gifts wrapped in plain brown paper and tied with festive ribbons.

One day earlier, Bringing Up Bates star Josie Balka, née Bates, had shared a strikingly similar snapshot on her Instagram page. Her daughter, 5-month-old Willow, was also pictured lying beneath the branches of a Christmas tree. The little girl was also resting on top of a white blanket, and she, too, was surrounded by presents with brown wrapping paper.

Just like Bella, Willow was wearing a small fur vest. However, hers was white instead of brown. She was also sporting a headband with a bow on it, but her bow featured a red and white gingham print. One other small difference between Josie and Lauren’s photos was the color of the onesie that baby Willow was wearing; it was maroon instead of white.

“So perfect,” Lauren wrote in the comments section of Josie’s Instagram post. The Duggar wife punctuated her remark with a heart-eye emoji.

“Seem you liked it so much, you decided to take almost exactly the same picture,” one of Josie’s followers wrote in response to Lauren’s comment. The fan’s remark included an eye-roll emoji.

Josie seemingly endorsed the fan’s comment by liking it.

“@josie_balka nonchalantly throwing shade,” wrote another fan, seemingly in response to Josie liking the critical remark.

Lauren’s followers weren’t calling her out for copying Josie on her Instagram page. Instead, they were gushing over how adorable little Bella looked.

“She is so darling. Merry Christmas!” read one response to Lauren’s Instagram post.

“Oh little Bella is so beautiful,” a second fan wrote.

“I am melting!! The best present under the tree is that precious baby!!! So sweet!!” a third admirer remarked.

One of Lauren’s followers did mention a different Josie; the fan remarked on how closely Bella resembles her father’s youngest sibling, Josie Duggar.

“So cute! She looks like Josie when she was a baby!!” the commenter wrote.

Lauren isn’t the only member of the Duggar clan who has delighted fans with her holiday photos. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Anna Duggar’s followers loved her snapshots of her children reading together in front of their family’s Christmas tree.