M&M's Retail Store Set To Open In Walt Disney World Sometime In 2020

Walt Disney World is ever expanding, and this time, it is going to be a rather tasty and fun way to experience more magic. A little extra Christmas magic was given out on Thursday when it was revealed that an M&M's retail store will be making its way to Disney Springs sometime in 2020. The tasty, coated chocolate candies will have their own place of representation, but it does mean the closure of another location nearby.

Disney Springs is a massive shopping and entertainment complex at Walt Disney World which gives guests more to do than visiting theme parks. It allows visitors to grab a quick bite, have a nice sit-down meal, do some shopping, take in some bowling, see a show, and so much more.

Split up into multiple neighborhoods, the new M&M's store will be going in the West Side of Disney Springs. The Disney Parks Blog reported that it would be going in near the Splitsville bowling establishment, close to the new NBA Experience which just opened up in August.

The M&M's store will be taking the place of the Curl and Fit2Run stores which closed down earlier this year. While an exact opening date is not yet known, construction is set to begin immediately, with the Mars Retail Group and Disney looking forward to its debut in 2020.

The welcome sign for Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.
Danny Cox

There has long been an M&M's retail store at the Florida Mall, but it will be closing with the opening of this new location at Disney Springs. There has also been no set date for the closure of that popular store, but Patrick McIntyre, the director of global retail at Mars Retail Group, is excited about what's to come.

"Guests will be fully immersed into an interactive chocolate experience that will create more moments and more smiles through the colorful fun of M&M'S."
This new store at Disney Springs will be an immersive experience that is going to let guests get involved in everything around them. It won't just be millions of tiny candies for guests to enjoy in different colors, but entertainment and interactive experiences as well.

With the opening of the NBA Experience this past August, Disney Springs continues to grow in many different ways. Also coming in 2020 will be a new restaurant named Beatrix and a new show for Cirque du Soleil, but there is so much more on the way.

Walt Disney World is always growing and creating new magic in many different ways, and the M&M's store is no exception. Guests will have brand new, colorful ways to enjoy their days with delicious candy and great experiences in 2020.