Is Walmart Open On Christmas Day 2019?

For those who are holding off on purchasing gifts for family and friends, or who might have a last-minute guest show up for Christmas unannounced, it might be worthwhile to know if Walmart will be open on Christmas Day.

Although unexpected emergencies can arise on Christmas — necessitating a trip to the superstore — planning food needs and grabbing last-minute gifts before the holiday can help reduce stress, as Walmart will not be open on December 25. It is the one day of the whole year that the chain closes in observance of a holiday.

Good Housekeeping reported that the business will maintain its normal operating hours on December 24, but shoppers should still check with their local Walmart to see when they will be closing their doors. Many are scheduled to close at 8 p.m. on December 24, meaning there is still plenty of time to run out and grab that missing dinner ingredient or stocking stuffer.

Walmart will resume its normally scheduled business hours on December 26, with many stores readying themselves for shoppers looking to make returns and purchase the deeply discounted holiday merchandise.

For those looking to change up their holiday décor or who are ambitious enough to begin shopping for Christmas 2020, December 26 is a great day to find holiday decorations that should be massively on sale.

As with any major retailer, in order to return a particular holiday gift, the receipt of purchase — or a gift receipt — will be required in order to receive back the full value of the item. Those without a receipt will most likely only receive back the lowest cost of the item, or perhaps just store credit.

Newsweek reported that most items bought at Walmart have a 90-day return policy and should be returnable with or without a receipt. For items that have a 15- or 30-day return window and are bought online, the return timeframe does not begin counting down until December 26.

If a gift was purchased on the store’s website, the recipient can also begin the return process themselves online. Returning the item online can be done for free using the link in their delivery confirmation email. The item can also be returned in person at the store using the barcode received in the email.

However, if the gift sender did not provide the recipient’s email address during checkout, the recipient can only return the item in person and will receive a Walmart gift card for the item’s value, as reported on Walmart’s website.

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