AEW News: Adam Page Proposes Unique Idea For Next Pay-Per-View

During an interview with Fightful, All Elite Wrestling star Adam "Hangman" Page discussed a variety of topics, one of which was his idea for a future pay-per-view. The company's Full Gear was named after a concept that Page came up with, and he's hoping that the company uses more of his ideas for events going forward.

"Maybe the next pay-per-view is Cowboy S***," Page joked. "The stage can be just a big picture of me. It'll just be my face. Even better, I'll be wearing chaps. The a**less chaps will open up when somebody comes out. And they'll enter through my crotch. Not my real crotch. I'm the only one who gets a horse. [Others could get] maybe on a pony. A stick horse is also an option. Maybe the dark matches get a stick horse. Main card get ponies. I get a real horse. Maybe a trojan horse."

Page also opened up about the loss of his prized horse, Hunter Horse Hemsley, who he lost after the All Out pay-per-view. According to Page, dead horses are irreplaceable, but he advised anyone who loses a steed to get a new one.

While Page was in a joking mood during the interview, he did take some time to talk about his happiness in the company. Despite failing to win the World Championship from Chris Jericho earlier this year, the superstar revealed that he's happy in AEW. He also praised the light schedule and is grateful to no longer live his life on an airplane.

The AEW schedule only requires Page to be away from home two days a week, which is one of the company's main selling points. As The Inquisitr previously reported, his colleague Jon Moxley -- who wrestled in WWE under the name Dean Ambrose -- said that WWE's heavy schedule is "stupid," and it was one of the factors that led to him leaving the company.

Page also said that the wait between opening the company and waiting for the television debut to arrive was a strange experience. AEW was founded in January, but the weekly show didn't begin airing on TNT until October. While the company did host some pay-per-views during that time, they had no idea how the product would translate to mainstream television.

Page is one of AEW's most entertaining personalities, and the company is building him as a top star. Based on some of the comments he made during his latest interview, it's clear why fans find him so charismatic.