George W. Bush’s Personal Email Address Published Online

George W. Bush hacked

A hacker has posted former president George W. Bush‘s personal email address online, but don’t bother using it to flame Dubya. It doesn’t work.

The hacker known as Guccifer has infiltrated George W. Bush’s personal information before as well as that of Hillary Clinton and a number of other political figures. Guccifer posted screencaps of various email conversations between Bush, Clinton, and others, which are making rounds on the Internet today.

Today, by the way, is the 10th anniversary of the invasion or Iraq under George W. Bush’s presidency, so the latest hack could be seen as a protest of the former POTUS’s controversial orders.

So, what’s Bush’s private email address?

Why can I post that email address with no shame? Because it has already been deactivated.

The Bush email address was actually posted with a deluge of information last month, which included several oil paintings by the former president including two self-portraits.

The email address was published today by Gawker editor John Cook on the media and gossip blog along with a note encouraging readers to “let him know that you’re thinking of him today.”


Though Cook doesn’t explain in the post why he chose to publish George W. Bush’s email address, especially since it has been available (and presumably deactivated) for some time due to Guccifer’s hack, he has published personal information of public figures in the past.

Cook previously published the personal cellphone numbers of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit. Both Gawker and a Bush spokesman declined to comment.

If it were still activated, would you have used George W. Bush’s email address to send him a personal note? What would you have said to him?