George W. Bush Hacked: Emails, Family Info, And ‘Nudes’ Leaked [Photos]

George W. Bush has fallen victim to a hacker who broke into his sister’s email and released a bunch of personal family stuff, including “nudes.”

The Smoking Gun reports that tons of photos and emails were uploaded to an online account yesterday, which itself was probably hacked to host the material. The hacker, who calls himself “Guccifer,” claimed in emails to have gotten “a lot of stuff” including “interesting mails” about George Bush the elder’s recent hospitalization, “Bush 43” and other family members.

Some six email accounts belonging to Bush family or friends were accessed, including that of George W. Bush’s sister, Dorothy Bush Koch. Information gathered includes a confidential list of home addresses, cell phone numbers and email addresses for dozens of Bush family members.

Some of the hacked information is boring. Golf plans, stuff like that. But there are some interesting tidbits about the Bush family that didn’t make the news. When George Bush the elder was hospitalized in late December, the media started wondering about the seriousness of his condition. The Bush family suggested all was well, but internal emails show that funeral planning was underway, outside the knowledge of Barbara Bush:

“Your dad’s funeral team is having an emergency meeting at 10 a.m. just to go through all the details,” wrote Bush aide Jean Becker, who noted that this information “fell under the broadening category of things NOT TO TELL YOUR MOTHER.”

Also discovered was a well-wish email from President Obama (via adviser Valerie Jarrett) “Michelle and I haven’t wanted to impinge on you while you are recuperating, but please know that we are thinking of you and the entire family,” wrote Obama of Bush Sr.’s condition.

The hack also revealed two nude self-portraits of George W. Bush, one of him showering and another of him in a tub, that the former president had been working on. He sent pictures of the paintings to his sister, Dorothy. Thankfully, they’re not really all that racy, notes MSN.

When asked about the hack, Dorothy Bush simply responded “Why would someone do this?” The hacker, “Guccifer,” probably did it just for fun, as claims to have hacked “hundreds of accounts.” Now that a former first family’s information has been compromised, there will likely be an FBI investigation into “Guccifer,” but he’s not worried: “i have an old game with the f****** bastards inside, this is just another chapter in the game,” he said.

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