Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot: Actress Poses For 6th Police Portrait

lindsay lohan mugshot

Another day, another mug shot. Lindsay Lohan posed for police cameras again this week (her 6th time) as she was booked at the Santa Monica police department.

Lohan has taken some pretty hideous mugshots in the past, but, now, at 26-years-old, the former A-list actress is a veteran mugshot taker.

Her latest police portrait features a straight faced Lohan (not crying, not smiling), her hair pulled back (not frazzled and out of control), and she’s wearing a full face of makeup. Frankly, it’s just beautiful.

The Mirror writes that Lohan must have been thinking, “I’m a bad girl but I think it makes me sexy,” when she took her latest mug shot.

Lohan’s latest police portrait comes a day after reaching a plea deal that will land her in locked rehab for 90 days. Lohan will also perform 30 days of community labor and 18 months of therapy. Lohan plead guilty to reckless driving and lying to police. She was also found to be in violation of her parole.

Lohan has been fighting the law since she was arrested in 2007 for drunk driving. So far, she’s been able to avoid jail time. Lohan has a court appearance scheduled for this May to show the judge what progress she has made on her sentence.

Here’s a gallery of Lindsay Lohan’s mugshots.

What do you think? Is this Lindsay Lohan’s best mug shot yet?

Lohan mayy have avoided jail time again, but the actress’ luck may be running out. Lohan nearly missed her court date this week, and, shortly after she was handed her sentence, the actress was spotted out at a nightclub. So no, it doesn’t seem like Lohan is taking this too seriously, and it’s hard to imagine a judge turning a blind eye, again, if she violates her probation.