WWE News: Seth Rollins Reveals Why Vince McMahon Banned Controversial Finishing Move

Vince McMahon has banned several moves in WWE for a variety of reasons throughout the years, most of which remain permanently forbidden. In a rare case where he changed his mind, though, the chairman did allow Seth Rollins to bring back his stomp finishing maneuver, but his decision to ban it in the first place has been a mystery for years. However, "The Beast Slayer" opened up about it in an episode of FOX's The Story Of.

As quoted by Sportskeeda, the violent nature of the maneuver caused the boss to prohibit it from being used for an extended period, as he didn't feel the face of the company should be portrayed in such a negative light.

According to Rollins, footage of him using the movie was shown on The Today Show following his WrestleMania 31 Universal Championship victory over Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, which saw "The Architect" cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and dramatically insert himself into the main event. McMahon made the decision after seeing the show.

However, Rollins wasn't interested in getting rid of the maneuver, and he pleaded with the chairman to let him use it again as soon as the opportunity arose.

"I was not interested in changing the move. I loved it. I thought it was great, super safe. It was awesome. But he got in his head that he wanted me to do something different. So I had to drift away from it for a while. And then when the time was right, I found my opening and I was able to convince him to allow me to bring it back. And so hopefully it's back for good. It's very worked well for me."
Rollins adopted Triple H's pedigree finisher while he wasn't allowed to use the stomp. However, given that "The Game" is still an active wrestler, Rollins using the move meant that he didn't have a unique finishing maneuver for a number of years. While the stomp does look violent, the move is also quite original.

During the interview, Rollins also revealed that Tyson Kidd encouraged him to use the stomp as his finisher. Furthermore, as documented by WrestleTalk, the former Universal Champion also admitted that he stole the move from Naomichi Marufuji, a Japanese legend who has used it for years.

McMahon appears to be loosening up with some of his strict rules these days. As The Inquisitr recently reported, he also allowed the word "wrestler" to be used on WWE television again after it had been banned for years.