'Tall Girl' Star Ava Michelle Discusses The Pains Of Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Trisha Faulkner

Tall Girl star Ava Michelle took to Instagram recently to reveal that she was doing a little last-minute Christmas shopping. According to the caption of her brief video, the clip featured her facial reactions after seeing how long the lines were at stores a few days before Christmas.

Michelle went on to jest that looking at the long lines outside of the stores made her question if doing her Christmas shopping and finishing her list was worth the effort.

The very short clip featured Ava tilting her head to the side before turning it back. The clip ends with Ava using the zoom function on her camera to move in close to her face.

In the background, her followers can see traffic moving out the back window of her vehicle. It also appears as if Ava is in a moving vehicle based on the scenery outside of the windows. A song playing on the radio can be heard in the background as well.

Ava opted to rock a wild hairstyle that featured a lot of small and frizzy curls. Her vibrant blue eyes sparkled for the camera as she filmed the short video clip.

Elliana Kathryn Walmsley, the 12-year-old Dance Moms star, took to the comments section to exclaim that last-minute Christmas shopping was never worth the hassle.

"Just do gift cards online. Lol," she said.

Ava had many fans who were too blinded by her beauty to give any advice or opinions on last-minute Christmas shopping. Many of her followers admitted to being completely overwhelmed by her oceanic eyes.

"It almost always never is, I drove around a parking lot for 20 minutes to get a parking spot and when I got to the store they didn't have what I needed!" one follower penned in the comments.

"Did someone tell u that u have beautiful eyes," another follower chimed in.

A few of her followers opted to go a completely different direction with the chatter in the comments and referenced loving the Netflix Original Tall Girl. Some even asked when they could expect her to star in something else.

"You should make another movie with sabrina and griffin." One follower suggested.

Unfortunately, the Netflix star offered her followers no additional information regarding what type of stores she was doing her last-minute shopping at, or who she was currently shopping for.