‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday Tease A Tender Moment For Willow & Michael, Questions From Franco

Josh Swickard, Katelyn MacMullen, and Chad Duell star on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Spoilers for Friday’s General Hospital suggest that there will be a lot of questions being asked throughout Port Charles. Anna is trying to sort through the allegations Jason made about Peter, Franco is trying to catch up to everything he missed and Nelle is reaching out for help to regain her freedom. In addition, it looks like Michael and Willow will share some sweet moments with one another while caring for “Wiley.”

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Brad will visit Nelle at General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that he’ll lash out at her for causing all of the heartaches his family is facing, and she may not be too happy to be the recipient of his fury.

Nelle may not have gotten the initial result she hoped for when she orchestrated this hospitalization, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that she’s not done yet. Executive producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that Nelle will be using her lawyer Martin as she makes her next move. Will Brad realize that he might want to be treading carefully when it comes to agitating Nelle at this moment?

As Lucas remains in a coma and Brad is focused on his husband’s condition, General Hospital spoilers detail that Michael will continue to care for Wiley. During Friday’s show, Willow will be spending time with the two of them, and it sounds as if Michael will fill her in on the negotiating he did for Sasha with regard to Deception.

Willow will tell Michael that if it were her, she would have invested with him. This is surely intended to be a completely innocent comment between friends who support one another.

However, fans have been speculating for some time now that Willow and Michael might find themselves drawn toward one another as more than friends at some point, especially once the truth about the baby swap emerges. This interaction seems to hint at a growing connection between the two.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Anna will talk with Finn about the tough situation she faces. The sneak peek for Friday shows Anna telling him that just because she hasn’t found a connection doesn’t mean it’s not there. She looks rather solemn as she says this.

It seems this means she is talking about trying to dig into the Peter situation, a tough spot for her to be in considering Jason’s allegations and her connection to him.

Viewers will also see Franco working on getting back to his regular life. General Hospital spoilers note that he will ask for an update on Drew, and SheKnows Soaps shares that he’s going to be devastated during this show.

That devastation surely comes from Franco learning that Drew is presumed dead after his plane crashed, something that is news for Franco given the memory swap.

General Hospital spoilers note that there’s also action featuring Peter, Maxie, Jordan and Julian coming during this show too. The episode should set the stage for juicy developments right after Christmas.