‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Patch Fixes Several Flaws

Aliens: Colonial Marines has gotten a patch that is said to have fixed several flaws with the game. While the game was greeted with quite a bit of excitement when it was released, it wasn’t long until flaws were detected in almost every aspect of the game.

Despite the fact that “bugs” were a big part of the game, the developers have been releasing DLC since the release including the aptly named “Bug Hunt.” Now reports indicate that a patch that has been released for the PC has fixed quite a few of the problems the game was running into.

Aliens: Colonial Marines patched a whole host of different problems that was dragging the game down. Among the fixes that were badly needed were some updates to the graphics in the game. When it came to the look of the game, the patch improved the texture resolution and added a mouse smoothing function to the options menu.

Even animations like the smart gun and motion tracker have been addressed. Save game issues were another problem that the game developers worked hard to correct in this particular patch.

Save data had been getting lost on a pretty regular basis from people who were playing the PC version, and this patch is reported to fix those issues. In all, there is more than 30 different features and functions that were addressed.

The entire patch to the game was quite large and not surprising considering the amount of data that was fixed and updated. The 3.8 GB patch is the first that has been issued for the PC version.

Quite a few of the fixes have brought the computer version of the title up to par with the console version. The console version of the game is apparently going to be getting some new patches in the very near future as well.

Does this patch make you want to get Aliens: Colonial Marines if you were avoiding it before?